Submission Requirements



Manitoba Archaeological Journal

Style Guide for Authors


The MAJ welcomes submissions of all papers including original research, summary/syntheses, and reviews, among others. The MAJ does not have a fixed page limit or word count per submission. There is a maximum limit of 150 pages per journal volume including all narrative(s), tables, figures and references. Please note that most submitted papers range between 5 – 30 pages including narrative, tables, figures and references.

Submission Process
Manuscripts should be submitted to the MAS with attention to the MAJ Editor in the subject line


General Manuscript Formatting
Please refer to the Society for American Anthropology (SAA) style guide for any formatting issues not covered in this guide. The online version can be found at
1. Papers should include the following sections, in order: First page with title and author information, Abstract, Introduction, [body of text], Notes (optional), Acknowledgements (optional), References Cited
2. Use British Oxford English spelling
3. Times New Roman 12 point font for all body text
4. Time New roman 10 point font for all caption and table headings and body
5. Margins 1.2” (3.05cm)
6. Single spaced
7. Left Justified
8. Formatting should be accomplished using available word processor features (e.g. indents, hanging indents). Do not use tabs or the space bar to align text or create hanging indents.  Do not use a return to align text within a paragraph.
9. Images inset
a. Captions part of figure and tables, e.g. Tables: make caption the first line of the table
b. Captions same length as width of image
c. Table caption above table
d. Figure caption below figure
10. Referenced cited should be in alphabetical order, single-spaced with a hanging indent, and single spaced between each reference (see example below)
Sussman, Lynne
1979   Spode / Copeland Transfer-Printed Patterns found at 20 Hudson’s Bay Company Sites.
Canadian Historic Site Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 22, National
Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Ottawa.