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Welcome to the MAS website. We are an organization dedicated to protecting Manitoba's archaeological resources and creating an awareness of our province's diverse history. To learn more about the MAS and it's activities, please feel free to browse the menu above.

Some interesting facts about Manitoba revealed through archaeology - Did you know?

  • Manitoba has a great diversity of ecological zones, extending from southern prairies, through aspen parklands, boreal forest, subarctic 'barrens' and arctic coast. There is archaeological evidence that past peoples have lived in each of these regions for thousands of years, using the plant and animal resources for subsistence and trade.
  • The earliest known evidence of people living in Manitoba was found near Riding Mountain dating to at least 11,500 years ago.
  • The oldest evidence of pre-European farming in Manitoba was found at the Lockport, just north of Winnipeg.
  • Fishing as it is known through archaeology, has been practiced in Manitoba as early as 5,500 years ago.
  • Manitoba is the furthest east that jade originating from British Columbia has been found.

2016 MAS Conference and Annual General Meeting

Sep 23 2016 (All day) to Sep 25 2016 (All day)
Melita, Manitoba

The 2016 Manitoba Archaeological Society Conference and Annual General Meeting will be held in Melita, September 23rd - 25th. This year’s conference will focus on the archaeology of southwest Manitoba, and will celebrate the work of avocational archaeologists in the region and beyond!